CRAFT RVA features Latin Ballet of Virginia

Our very own Director of Operations and Marketing Manager gave us a very nice piece on her online magazine, CRAFT RVA. Thanks, Jo Ann!

Let me start by saying that dance for me is an art form and craft I've always been affected by. It is probably the only one that can stir emotional expression so deeply and sincerely...

Latin Ballet Featured in HFX Magazine

We were honored to be featured in HFX Magazine in their review of "Nuyorican"! Thanks HFX!

This past weekend, the Latin Ballet of Virginia presented NuYoRican. A story that follows the true story of Puerto Rican immigrants as they dealt with numerous hardships and discrimination living in New York City...

Style Weekly Spotlights on NuYoRican

Style Weekly features  Latin Ballet's March 2017 re-staging of "NuYoRican".

Storytelling at its best transcends time. Tales about the past can illuminate our lives and change how people understand themselves and each other.

With “NuYoRiCan,” the Latin Ballet tells the stories of Puerto Ricans living in New York who are descended from those who left the island during...