Alma Latina celebrates the rhythms that influenced the music, dance and history of Latin America

The Soul of the People…Rich in traditions…

Alma Latina is a family-oriented dance-theater production celebrating the history that influenced the rhythm, music and dance of Latin America. Through salsa, mambo, tango, flamenco and reggae, the unique, powerful and passionate artists of the Latin Ballet of Virginia will weave tradition, culture and politics into a tapestry of understanding for the soul (Alma), the people and the history of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.

Alma Latina honors the traditions from Puerto Rico and Cuba with music from the Mambo King, Tito Puente; the Jamaican spirit of Reggae music from Bob Marley; and the passionate duende of Spain’s Flamenco through Paco de Lucia. Alma Latina spans the globe featuring to create a portrait of the hopes, dreams, and successes of a people who have a rhythm all their own - a rhythm that can heal the world by bringing everyone together. 

From the passionate fury of flamenco to tango’s forbidden heat, the polished elegance of classical ballet to the earthen power of modern dance, the Latin Ballet of Virginia uses the expressive beauty of movement to weave the tales and traditions that are the heart and soul of Hispanic culture. The Latin Ballet combines technical excellence with a soulful depth of emotion and an unwavering commitment to education, diversity and accessibility.

This educational production would be a unique learning experience and great extra credit opportunity for Spanish, English as a Second Language, International Studies, Literature, and Performing Arts classes.