Registration Fees and Tuition Payment Policies

A non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 is due for each individual registering for the 2017/18 year (32 Weeks). The Latin Ballet of Virginia's tuition is set at affordable, competitive rates. A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $25 is required at time of registration. Payment can be arranged with the following options:

  • Paid in Full by Check, Credit Card, or Cash 
  • If you register for up to 2 classes, you must pay in full, monthly options are only available for 3 or more classes
  • Monthly Installments are available (Unlimited Classes Only or 3 or more classes)
  • Financial Assistance is available

Ways to Pay

All checks are to be made out to Latin Ballet of Virginia. If mailing payment, please mail to the following address:

Latin Ballet of Virginia
2880 Mountain Road

Glen Allen, VA 23060

Our Jr. Company girls for Legend of the Poinsettia Photo by: Christina Mastroianni

Our Jr. Company girls for Legend of the Poinsettia
Photo by: Christina Mastroianni

Other ways to make payment:

IF you wish to deliver payment to an instructor, you may do so, otherwise you can call us directly to make payment arrangements (804.356.3876)

All payments will receive receipts and invoices per month will be sent out.

Tuition Payment POlicies:

Payment is to be made by the 1st of every month allowing a 5 day grace period. If payment is not received within the 5 day grace period, a charge of $25 will be added to your payment. Any returned check will be a charged an additional $35.

Withdrawal Policy:

If you wish to withdraw your child from class(es), you must notify the Latin Ballet office with a written request, including student's name, class location, class name and amount paid. If the student is not withdrawn from class(es) prior to the third week of the semester, the student will remain enrolled for the semester and will be responsible for the full semester tuition. If a student is withdrawn prior to the third week of classes, you will be responsible for paying only the classes this student attended. If there are any extenuating circumstances regarding the outstanding balance, you agree to promptly notify LBV in writing. If there is a medical issue, a refund of the balance or a transfer of the balance for the next semester will be given, with an appropriate medical report. 

Missed Classes:

Missed Classes may be made up with any equivalent class of your choice. 

If you have any questions regarding payment arrangement or tuition costs, please contact: Ana Ines King at