Momo Tech Week and Info

Dear Parents, Students and Faculty of the Latin Ballet:

We are so proud of our production of “MOMO,” A Dance Theatre work based on the fantasy novel, written by Michael Ende, (author of The Neverending Story), about a little girl called Momo, who saves the world from the time thieves all by her special ability to “listen.”

MOMO is coming along beautifully. Performances will be one hour and 15 minutes including intermission.

Tickets for MOMO can be purchased on-line at for no extra charge, or at the Box Office in the lobby of theCultural Arts Center, the week of final rehearsals.

Tickets are $10 in Advance … $15 day of performance.

There are no classes Monday, Memorial Day, May 29.

Tech Week and Dress Rehearsal for both schools will be at the Cultural Arts Center Theater, 2880

Mountain Rd. Glen Allen, VA. 23060.

Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, June 1 from 5-8 p.m.

Performances: Friday, June 2 at 7 PM • Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4 at 2 PM

The Latin Ballet will be selling flowers, snacks and t-shirts at special rates for your children.

REHEARSAL DATES and TIMES at Cultural Arts Center Theater *

  • Tuesday, May 30: Rehearsal for Tuesdays and Thursdays CHILDREN classes of BALLET, FLAMENCO AND HIP HOP classes (Marisol, Ana, Roberto) AND Wednesday CHILDREN BALLET (Ivana): 5-7:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday, May 31: Rehearsal for Mondays and Wednesdays TEEN and ADULT classes of BALLET, Jr. Company Teen and FLAMENCO classes. 5-8:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 1: DRESS Rehearsal. 5-8:30 p.m.

For the Performances:

Backstage will have a waiting area and dressing rooms with books and games for your children.

Chaperones (parents in charge) will take care of your children while they wait to perform.

Students who take more than one class should arrive at least one hour before each performance starts.

Children younger than 6 years old or students taking only one class should arrive at the theater 30 minutes before each performance starts.

Please provide a snack and water for your child, labeled.

  • All students are required to attend rehearsals scheduled above and all performances.


Pictures and Video Information

  • There is a mandatory Recital Fee of $50 per student that covers professional photography and video links of the entire show to share with your family and friends.
  • This year there will not be a costume fee because MOMO needs regular clothes that you may already have.

Please remember no flash photography or video cameras are allowed during the performances.

Thank you for being part of the Latin Ballet family.

HAIR STYLE and Additional Costuming

  • 3-5 year-olds - Ballet Classes (Ms Ana): Any ballerina, pirate, knight, butterfly, fairy, costumes.
  • Tuesday Ballet class (Ms. Marisol) and Wednesday Ballet class (Ms. Ivana): Regular clothes, any color 50’s and 60’s looking (please bring 2 different clothes to choose from) and any pirate accessories you may have.
  • Children’s Flamenco Classes: Low bun, any color flamenco style costumes, flowers on hair, flamenco shoes.
  • Teen and Adult Flamenco Classes: Low bun, black leggings and black leotard, flamenco shoes.
  • Ballet/Jumps and Turns/Junior Company Classes on Mondays: Regular clothes from the 50’s and 60’s hair in a bun or pony tail with ribbon, hair off the face. Include hats and accessories.
  • Ballet class of Ms Teri: Any of your favorite dance clothes from other years.
  • Hip Hop: Jeans and solid color T-Shirt with and any hat you like.

Please see attached photographs for design or look into what you already have to put together the clothes to wear in each scene. Please follow the instructor recommendations for each class.

If someone does not have the necessary clothing, please contact your instructor or/and Ms. Ana.

We will find or share what is needed for your child.

TICKETS, Photograph and Video Order Form

Student Name:_______________________________

Dance Class: _______________________________

Location: _______________________________

Parent Name: _______________________________ EMAIL:________________________________

Phone #:_________________________

TICKETS $10 per ticket if purchased in advance. Total of Tickets_____________= $

Mandatory Recital Fee - Video and Photography Access: $50 ( )

Paid by: Check ( ) Cash ( )

LBV Sweatshirts/T-Shirts Available Now!

Hello All, 

I'm trying my hardest to get everyone in the habit of coming here for news to ease up on emails. With that said, I've added this weekend's calendar item for your information and to announce that we now have sweatshirts available for you all at LBV Discounted price. 


Sweatshirts for Junior Company are $20 each (a $65 value!). To purchase by credit card, please call the office or speak with Ana directly. If you wish to make payment by check or cash, please feel free to give to one of our instructors or Ana directly. Thanks so much for your support!