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The Expression of Dance

Life is nothing without art. Without art we could not express our inner selves. We could not give voice to our socio and political climate. We could not conjure deep emotion from the stroke of a brush or a shape of movement. 

Dance represents so many things, from technicality to musicality to deep emotional connection. I have witnessed pieces that brought me to tears. I have watched joy and awe on children's faces as they watched "The Lion King" come to life on stage. I have felt passion and drama in intimate settings as New York's Dances of Vice and Company XIV's theatrical performances. I have studied the complexities of human experience through art. There is no denying its power and role it plays in our lives.

So, while I sit and cry at the choreographic intensity of Travis Wall or appreciate in awe the transformation of street dance or feel the pride of El Punto, I think about how dance is so important and how it makes us feel during dark times and times of joy and the expression it allows us. Feel free to post your most moving dance performances.

Do you feel like dancing?

Do you need a little funk in your life? 

Maybe you want to add some passion and fire to things?

Perhaps you're feeling a little out of sorts and need something more fluid and Peaceful. 

Dance isn't just for kids, it's for us grown-ups too!

Register now and get the rest of January FREE. We offer Adult classes in Hip Hop/Ballet/Contemporary/Flamenco/Tango and Salsa/Bachata. Be free with dance!

All these things are here for you at Latin Ballet of Virginia.