Student Assessments

In accordance with the Dance Arts Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools, Latin Ballet evaluates students on their understanding and knowledge of dance, they have attained during our residency. The Latin Ballet of Virginia’s educational program strives to achieve the goals of improving student’s self-esteem, communication and social skills, as well as focus and ability to follow instructions, and thereby their academics.This survey is intended to help us evaluate our effectiveness in delivering these results. 

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Student is confident in her/his interactions with others
Student has positive attitude about her/himself
Student has the ability to follow directions
Student has the ability to stay on task
Student has an understanding of multiculturalism
Student demonstrates leadership skills
Student has expressed interest in seeing or participating in other forms of dance, theatre or art
Student ‘s academic grades are satisfactory
Student receives high marks in school. (Only answer if you disagree with above statement)
Student receives high marks in school.
The Latin Ballet is a worthwhile experience for the student.
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