This is to help us provide an improved dance school and company. Please be as honest as possible when answering. The only information that will not be shared is your name. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for your time and willingness to help us make improvements. 

Please rate the following, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
How would you rate the physical environment at LBV? *
Is it clean, is the equipment suitable, etc.
How would you rate the instructors? *
Are they professional? friendly? knowledgeable?
How would you rate performances at LBV? *
Do you feel they are cohesive and comprehensive? Do you feel the subject matter and content is entertaining?
Do you feel the student has improved since starting at LBV? *
Do you feel the student has gained new skills, has grown, and/or has progressed in some way?
How would you rate the organization of LBV? *
Do you feel you receive accurate information regarding performances, news, updates, or that information has been correctly obtained or given?
Do you feel LBV meets the competitive tuition of other dance studios? *
Do you feel the locations are convenient? *
are our locations easily accessible?
Do you feel we offer unique classes? *
Do you feel we offer classes you can't find elsewhere?
Do you feel the new website is clear and helpful?
Does it have information that is relevant? Do you feel it is easy to navigate?
Is there something you wish was on the website that is not or is there anything we can do to improve it?
What are some improvements you feel could be made at LBV?
What are some problem areas you've faced at LBV and were they resolved?

Thanks again for your time!