Junior Company Auditions

Junior Company dancers take classes at both locations!

All weekly rehearsals for Junior Company members are held at
The Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center every Wednesday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm.

The Latin Ballet of Virginia holds auditions to join our Junior Company on an annual basis. Children ages 8 to 18 will learn about the profession of dance while learning about other cultures as they perform with the Latin Ballet Professional Company. They participate in full scale productions and demonstrations around Virginia including special charity performances and multicultural festivals. 

A prepared audition piece is not required. Ballet and Contemporary dance technique will be assessed, along with potential to learn Flamenco and other world dance forms. Group and individual dance improvisation will be incorporated into the audition. 

Please bring ballet and jazz sneakers or shoes, leotard and tights. If you are interested in the audition process please e-mail or call (804) 356-3876.

Latin Ballet Junior Company Guidelines

Purpose of the Document

This document has been created to facilitate understanding between the dancers, their families and the Latin Ballet of Virginia’s (LBV) faculty. The document is reviewed at the beginning of each semester.

Purpose of the Junior Company

The Latin Ballet of Virginia Junior Company exists to give promising students an opportunity for more advanced training and additional performance opportunities beyond a year-end recital. The dancers are to be role models at the studio and in the community, promoting the Latin Ballet's mission and principles upon which the ballet was founded.

Latin Ballet Mission

LBV’s mission is to “create and strengthen connections to Hispanic/Latin American cultures through innovative and immersive dance-inspired education and performances that affect positive and sustainable change in people’s lives.” The company fulfills this mission by increasing access to the arts for low-income families; providing culturally diverse performances and classes; helping prepare at-risk Hispanic and minority children for success; and touring our professional performances and educational programs internationally, nationally, and locally.

Principles of the Latin Ballet

The Latin Ballet was founded with certain philosophies and goals in mind and those same values should guide the action of all members of the companies of the Latin Ballet. Those values include:

  • Respect – a belief in respecting each other and our differences. This respect extends to the person and their belongings.
  • Compassion – the belief that we are a community and should seek to support one another.
  • Professionalism – Professionalism involves integrity, honoring your commitments, being focused, and maintaining an appropriate image in word and deed.

Student Guidelines and Expectations

An invitation to join the Junior Company is an acknowledgment of a student’s hard work, focus, dedication, and potential as a dancer. It is a reward and a privilege. The faculty expects junior company members to behave in a way that highlights a degree of maturity and a commitment to dance. Expectations of the dancers include, but are not limited to:

Class Requirements:

The following classes are mandatory for Junior Company members 11 to 18 years old: 2 Ballet classes, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance, Jumps/Leaps and Turns, or Salsa. A third weekly ballet class is strongly encouraged. 

The following classes are mandatory for Junior Company members 6 to 10 years old: Ballet, Flamenco, One of the other three classes listed above. Taking on the unlimited classes opportunity is strongly encouraged.

Class Placements:

Dancers are placed into classes based solely on the ability of a student to emulate and execute material in a timely manner. To support the growth and development of our students, we place them in classes appropriate to their current ability level. Dancers will be given a list of recommended classes for the summer session and upcoming school year annually in the spring.

Attendance: It is mandatory to attend classes and rehearsals on time, dressed properly and prepared to work.

  • Consistent attendance is essential both for personal growth and development as a dancer and performer, as well as, for casting considerations.
  • Please give advance notice of expected absence(s) or tardiness – preferably one-week prior notice. Excessive unplanned absences and tardiness will first result in a phone call from one of the instructors. Persistent tardiness or absence can result in suspension or removal from the Jr. Company.
  • Students who are tardy may not be allowed to join class or may be asked to warm up on the side before participating. Warming up a dancer's muscles is imperative to good dancer health and safety.
  • If an entire piece of choreography is taught while a dancer is absent, s/he will not perform that piece in the upcoming performance.
  • During the summer session, dancers missing more than 3 rehearsals will not perform choreography taught during that time.
  • Junior Company members must come to all of the scheduled tech rehearsals. If there is an absence or health concern, the final decision about participation in company productions will be made by the LBV Director, Ana Ines King.

Tech week Information:

There are no regular classes during the week of a main stage performance. Junior Company members are required to attend every rehearsal from Monday through Thursday from 5 to 7:30/8 PM (younger company members) and 5 to 9 PM (teen members).

General Classroom Rules:

  • Respect teachers/faculty and take corrections as an opportunity to improve your art.
  • Stay engaged while in class. This means do not talk or sit down. If you are not running a combination at that time, mark it on the side.
  • Use of cell phones during class or rehearsals is strictly prohibited.
  • No chewing gum is allowed during classes, rehearsals, or performances.
  • No eating inside the studio or while in costume.
  • Clean up after yourself in the classroom, halls and backstage.
  • During performances, only clear or light pink polish on toes and fingers is allowed.

Dress Code:

A dancer can be asked to leave class if not in appropriate dress. Remember as Junior Company members, you are role models to the other students in the school. 

Ballet: Solid color leotard, tights (pink preferred), ballet slippers, hair in a bun. Leg warmers and ballet sweaters are allowed in the winter during barre exercises. 

Contemporary & Leaps, Jumps & Turns classes: Plain fitted top and bottoms (leotard with or without sports bra, fitted t-shirt, yoga bottoms, etc). Clothing should be neat and should not have any writing, pictures or logos on them; Hair off of face & neck. 

Flamenco: Solid color leotard, flamenco skirt, flamenco shoes; Hair off of face & neck. 

Company Rehearsal: Latin Ballet attire or solid color leotard, flamenco skirt and all dance shoes should also be readily available at every rehearsal.


Casting is at the discretion of the Artistic Director as in all professional companies. Several factors are taken into consideration when casting for performances. They include but are not limited to:

  • Who best fits the physical features of the part
  • Dancer's skill level
  • Dancers ability to learn the material
  • Dancers maturity level
  • Dancer's attendance record
  • Dancer's commitment to class and rehearsals demonstrated through their effort.
  • Dancer's availability for classes and rehearsals

Though not every company member will perform every piece, we encourage junior company members to learn every piece. This is how dance companies operate generally.


In agreeing to participate in the Latin Ballet's Junior Company, you grant the Latin Ballet perpetual right and permission to use, publish and reproduce in any form, any photograph, film, video or any other form of representation in which the Junior Company member is included.

Outside Performances:

Junior Company dancers are expected to participate in outside performances of the Latin Ballet. This may include attendance and/or performance at festivals, schools, or other special events.

Volunteer Service:

Junior Company families are expected to support the Latin Ballet in several ways. These include promoting LBV classes, productions and special events; by volunteering during productions and special events, and seeking sponsors or advertisers.


The Junior Company fee is $100 per semester. This is in addition to regular class fees. Every member of the Junior Company is required to pay this fee, regardless of their scholarship status. 

It is mandatory that all Junior Company members enroll in the minimum mandatory courses, sign and return the registration form to LBV faculty, and make payments on-time. 

Failure to pay the Jr. Company fee and/or class tuition on time, will result in the student being suspended from the Jr. Company.Temporarily or permanently depending on the resolution of the outstanding payments.