Jamie A. LaNeave

Dancer / faculty

Jamie A. LaNeave studied intensively with the school of Richmond Ballet with Arnott Mader, Mr. Jerry Weis, Jasmine Grace, and Kay Weinstein for 10 years of performing and choreographing works in the student workshops and productions. Virginia Commonwealth University’s Dance Department became her home as she studied modern dance and choreography while also traveling and studying in New York furthering her exploration of dance as a teacher.  Jamie went on to perform with the Latin Ballet of Virginia from 2003-present infusing Latin styles of dance from around the world with her ballet foundation.  This extended her body of knowledge as a dancer to produce a wider range of vocabulary and intimate knowledge of the cultural heart beat of African dance and Flamenco as well as Latin styles ranging from Cumbia to Salsa. 

Working and performing works with the Antonio Gades Foundation such as“The House of Bernada”, brought a world renown Flamenco classic to the stage here in Richmond, Va.  Fused with a classical background, her studies in modern dance and Latin styles have created a versatile dancer, teacher and choreographer. 

Jamie spent 4 years as Children’s Artistic Director of the Youth Program at the former BonAir Dance and Pilates. She has also spent two seasons with Pam England of Ground Zero Dance performing at Dogtown Dance Theater in a revival of “Court” and a new production last Spring.  Jamie is currently furthering her knowledge of the human experience through massage at her clinic Bardos Massage and Wellness where she assists in the healing process of the body and mind with massage, detox, meditation and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy.  She studied and graduated from the former American Institute of Massage, AIHT, under the direction of Joseph Schibner.  She is currently training with the Brazilian Martial art form of capoeira with Mestre Panão at Capoeira Resistência. With two children and a loving family Jamie hopes to further their experience with cultural diversity and integrative holistic lifestyles through the community, spirit, and love.