A celebration of the culture and traditions of Central America

Fiesta del Sol celebrates the folklore, myths, legends and cultures from Central America and the Caribbean. We showcase the following countries:

 Guatemala / Panama / Belize /cuba / Yucatan penisula (mexico / dominican republic

The performance included the Guatemalan Legend of La Siguanaba, a beautiful native who had not taken care of her children and denied the traditions of her tribe. She was then condemn to this curse to become a shapeshifting siren that lured men to the water with the beauty of her body only to reveal in horror that she had a disfigured face.

Fiesta del Sol also includes the traditional music and dance from Guatamala, the marimba, with origins in West Africa that was brought over during the slave trade. Another typical presentation of this genre is also "The Dance of the Deer" portrays the annual festivity of the deer hunt for food and materials for the community.

Music and dance from Central America and Caribbean, extending from Panama, separated only by its border with Colombia, Panama's costal tri-cultural people developed Cumbia alongside their counterparts to the south. Cumbia has a distinctly indigenous influence from African culture. 

Some of the performance includes African-Caribbean dances and music such as Meringue, Salsa, Rhumba, Danzon and Bachata.