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Purpose of the Document

This document has been created to facilitate understanding between the Latin Ballet faculty and the Latin Ballet administration. The document is reviewed annually.

Latin Ballet Mission

LBV’s mission is to “create and strengthen connections to Hispanic/Latin American cultures through innovative and immersive dance-inspired education and performances that affect positive and sustainable change in people’s lives.” The company fulfills this mission by increasing access to the arts for low-income families; providing culturally diverse performances and classes; helping prepare at-risk Hispanic and minority children for success; and touring our professional performances and educational programs internationally, nationally, and locally.

Principles of the Latin Ballet

The Latin Ballet was founded with certain philosophies and goals in mind and those same values should guide the action of all members of the companies and faculty of the Latin Ballet.

Those values include:

  • Respect – a belief in respecting each other and our differences. This respect extends to the person and their belongings.

  • Compassion – the belief that we are a community and should seek to support one another.

  • Professionalism – Professionalism involves integrity, honoring your commitments, being focused,and maintaining an appropriate image in word and deed.

Purpose of the School of the Latin Ballet

The School of the Latin Ballet of Virginia exists to provide quality dance instruction that incorporates a culturally educational element for students and adults interested in dance and the Latin American/Hispanic culture.

Faculty Expectations

  • LBV faculty shall uphold and promote the mission, philosophy and principles of the Latin Ballet of Virginia.

  • The LBV faculty is to be role models to the students at the school and in all educational programs. This includes treating students professionally, wearing appropriate attire, modeling respect for diversity, being on time, and promoting the value of good health (diet, warming up, safety).

  • Faculty is expected to follow all guidelines of the educational program, Be Proud of Yourself, emphasizing and promoting self-respect and confidence at all times.

  • Classes must be structured, challenging and professional, while being enjoyable for the students.

  • Instructors are required to begin and end all classes, rehearsals or other LBV activities on time.

  • Instructors must track attendance and tardiness carefully to make sure that we have an accurate record of who is present both in class and in rehearsal.

  • The use of abusive or offensive language is strictly prohibited at the Latin Ballet (not only with students and parents but also with other teachers and directors).

  • Faculty is expected to limit absences and to give advance notice of expected absences or tardiness.

  • General Classroom Rules for Faculty

  • Begin class on time, please arrive at least 10 minutes early for set up.

  • Take roll and note students who are tardy.

  • Ask students who are tardy to either warm up on side before participating or if too late into class, they should be told to sit and watch.

  • Enforce the dress code (a reminder/warning may be given the first time). If student is not

  • dressed appropriately, teacher may ask them to find appropriate attire before returning or to sit and watch. This is most important with the junior company dancers.

  • Provide respectful corrections.

  • Remind students not to sit down or talk but to mark combinations on the sides when they are not in center.

  • Use of cellphones during class or rehearsals is strictly prohibited unless for the use of musical sources.

  • No chewing gum is allowed during classes, rehearsals or performances.

  • No eating inside the studio or while in costume.

  • Faculty should clean up after themselves and have students do the same whether in the classroom, halls, theatre or backstage.

LBV Student Dress Code: please beware of dress code as you are responsible for enforcing it.

A dancer can be asked to sit and watch or leave class if not in appropriate dress. Most important with the Junior Company.

  • Ballet: Solid color leotard, tights (pink preferred), ballet slippers, hair in a bun. Leg warmers and ballet sweaters are allowed in the winter during barre.

  • Contemporary dance: Plain fitted top and bottoms (leotard with or without sports bra, fitted t-shirt, yoga bottoms, etc). Clothing should be neat and should not have any writing, pictures or logos on them.

  • Flamenco: Solid color leotard, flamenco skirt, flamenco shoes. Hair off of face and neck.

  • Company Rehearsal: Latin Ballet attire, flamenco skirt and all dance shoes should also be on hand at every rehearsal.


The Latin Ballet has perpetual right and permission to use, publish and reproduce in any form, any photograph, film, video or any other form of representation taken during LBV classes and rehearsals.

I have read and understand the guidelines and rules outlined in this document. I recognize that as faculty, we are examples to all students at the Latin Ballet of Virginia. My signature indicates my understanding and acceptance to follow and respect all that is outlined in this document.

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