Lily y la Mariposa

  • Gottwald Theater 600 East Grace Street Richmond, VA, 23219 United States

LILY y la MARIPOSA (Lily and the Butterfly) is a performing arts interpretation based on the original play, Lily y la Mariposa, written by local writer, Lucinda McDermott. LILY y la MARIPOSA portrays the Mexican traditional festivity "Dia de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead).


"Lily y la Mariposa"  by Lucinda McDermott

Eleven year old Lily is experiencing loss for the first time. Her Aunt Becky, her favorite relative, has died. The timing is horrible; Halloween. Anything that has to do with death and dying is doubly depressing to her. Her friend Miguel however, has the solution to Lily's sadness. He takes her to visit his abuela (grandmother), Mama Rosa, who he characterizes as a little crazy, and a little magical. Despite her grief, Lily is intrigued, and follows him. Mama Rose introduces Lily to the Mexican celebration Dia de los Muertos, which honors the lives of loved ones who have passed. Mama Rosa is indeed magical, and her story of how Dia de los Muertos came to be becomes an interactive journey not only for Lily and Miguel, but for the audience as well. The symbols of the holiday; marigolds, sugar skulls, butterflies become talismans for Lily to deal with her grief. Lily learns that the Aztecs believed spirits of the dead rode off on the wings of butterflies. In the end, Lily discovers that although death is a part of life, the love we feel for those who have passed remains, and in remembering them through meaningful ritual, they are never forgotten. "Lily y la Mariposa" helps children and parents navigate the inevitable topic of death, and offers suggestions for coping with grief. The play introduces and reinforces rich cultural elements of Latin America, and utilizes useful Spanish vocabulary with seamless translations.