A performing arts interpretation of the English classical story “The Little Tin Soldier" by H.C Andersen.

The School of the Latin Ballet of Virginia will take you through the exciting adventures of “El Soldadito de Plomo”. Experience this classical story come alive through many forms of dance, ranging from Ballet, Flamenco and Modern, to Latin Jazz, Capoeira, Tango, Hip Hop and more.Our story begins in a playroom of Felipe, who has so many toys and games to play with. For his birthday, his parents gave him a special wood box with 25 little tin soldiers inside. When Felipe put them on the table, he realizes that the last one he places only has one leg, but yet he stands proud and strong beside the other 24 soldiers. Felipe named him the “El Soldadito”. Occupying the Little Soldiers’ new home in Felipe’s playroom is a wonderful castle in where the most “Bella (Danzarella) Ballerina” doll lives. She is surrounded by beautiful white swans swimming on a clear sparkling lake. She dances around the castle with her elegant ballerina’s tutu standing very proudly on one leg, exhibiting great balance. “El Soldadito” immediately falls deeply in love. This love is noticed by the “Scary Crow” who is a rival for “Bella Danzarella’s” affections. One stormy night, the “Scary Crow” pushes “El Soldadito” out of the window, plunging him into the dark, watery streets below. Ridiculed by onlookers, “El Soldadito” is placed in a paper boat. Now trapped on a raging current, he is swept away from his true love. This unwanted adventure sees “El Soldadito” confronting a family of angry rats, being swept into a river and towards the sea, landing in the belly of a huge fish. Days pass, and “EL Soldadito” is strengthened by his love for “Bella Danzarella.” His heart’s deepest wish to one day see her again keeps him steadfast and brave. After such a long time, the fish begins to stir widely, and his caught and is prepared for a lovely meal. A chef opens a belly, and “El Soldadito” learns he has landed safe at Felipe’s home! A little stinky and worse for the wear, “El Soldadito” is reunited with “Bella Danzarella.” The “Scary Crow,” angry with his failure, pushes “El Soldadito” out of the window again! This time, he lands in a bed of beautiful flowers. “Bella Danzarella” dances on one leg out of the window, joining her true love. “El Soldadito” and “Bella Danzarella” live happily ever after in their home built of flowers, where the “Scary Crow” will never bother them again.