An original flamenco dance theatre based on the exceptional art of Spanish artist Julio Romero de Torres.

El Pintor

The Latin Ballet of Virginia presents the world premiere of
EL PINTOR (The Painter)
Profiles of Spanish Women

Produced by: Antonio Hidalgo Paz, Award Winning Flamenco Choreographer
in collaboration with:  Ana Ines King, Artistic Director of the Latin Ballet of Virginia

In 2015, this documentary of the Latin Ballet’s original production, El Pintor, won a Bronze Telly Award. The Telly Awards honor the best videos, films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV programs in the United States.

The Latin Ballet of Virginia is excited to announce the international touring in Mexico, representing the United States at the “Feria Internacional de Libro 2014”during the international cultural festival “Feria de San Marcos.” The governments of the states of Zacatecas and Guerrero, in Mexico, have invited the Latin Ballet to participate with our production of EL PINTOR from April 20-28, 2014. This is an incredible opportunity for us to make international connections and bring back new and exciting dance practices for our programming.   


EL PINTOR (The painter) based on the philosophical views of famous painter Julio Romero de Torres from Córdoba, Spain, who dedicated his life to reflect the traditions of southern Spain, expressing in his painting the state of the times at the end of the first Spanish republic. The painter focuses his art on the Spanish women from different social classes and the way they were allowed to express themselves. He uses many landscapes of his native Cordoba and the culture of his time. Most of his art is closely related to the magical spectrum of flamenco, the Spanish traditional dance form and most important part of Spanish culture. His art pays homage to the greatest artists of the time: singers, dancers and musicians as a symbol of eternal love of flamenco and Andalucia region, a land of nostalgia, fire and joy. Julio Romero de Torres, the extraordinary artist whose art is as "deep" as the deep song he loved, Cante Hondo (Deep Song).

EL PINTOR includes the representation of “Poema de Cordoba” (Poem of Cordoba), a composition of seven paintings of women from different cultures that have touched Cordoba and Spanish history through the years. The palos flamencos that will be represented in El Pintor are Alegrias, Malagueña, Saeta, Solea, Fandangos, Martinete, Bulerias and Tangos.

The production of EL PINTOR was produced and choreographed by Antonio Hidalgo Paz, an award-winning dancer and choreographer from Cordoba, Spain. Maestro Hidalgo has performed and collaborated with numerous companies, including Antonio Gades' company and has toured Spain, Europe, Japan, USA, and South America.

The original music of EL PINTOR was composed in 2004 by international composer and guitarist Calvin Hazen from Spain with the collaboration of producer/choreographer, Antonio Hidalgo Paz and an expert team of international musicians and singers such as Terence Butler (flutist), Jose Salinas (Singer), Angelica Leiva "La Treme", singer, Fermín Querol, (guitarist, and Nacho Arimani, percussionist. This is the first time the original music of EL PINTOR was choreographed and performed in the United States.

Antonio Hidalgo’s ‘Bailaor/Bailaora’, an ingenious production that offered a sample of male and female flamenco dance forms. Flamenco may emphasize stamping, but Mr. Hidalgo choreographically demonstrated that stamping can be infinitely varied.
— The New York Times

Antonio Hidalgo (Guest Artist – producer and choreographer) began his professional career at the Flamenco festivals in Cordoba, Spain. In 1984, he became a member of the Spanish Ballet of Carmen Mota, touring Italy, France, Monte Carlo, South America and the United States. The company performed frequently throughout Spain. In 1990, Mr. Hidalgo became an independent soloist, performing with various dance companies in the Costa del Sol and in Flamenco tablaos. He has directed and choreographed several Flamenco productions including, among many others, “Fiesta de Andalucia” in Spain and “Palais des Beux Arts” in Brussels. He has performed with the ballet of Antonio Gades, the ballet of Jose Greco, the “Tablao El Flamenco” in Japan, and Maria Benitez’ “Estampa Flamenca.” He has made frequent appearances on international television and has performed with his own dance company in Japan and in many venues in Spain. Mr. Hidalgo has worked with “Flamenco Vivo Carlotta Santana” since 1998. His choreographies and performances premiered to great acclaim in “Flamenco Vivo Carlotta Santana” at The Joyce Theater in New York City in 2001 and 2002. Most recently, Mr. Hidalgo is producing work for La Compania de Jorge Navarro and has co-produced and performed in “Los Hombres” in New York and “El Cristo de Los Flamenco” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 2007 he received the Premio Andaluz de Turismo in Spain for his artistic achievement.

Antonio Hidalgo increases the speed dazzlingly without sacrificing his intense composure, then pulls everything down to a sotto voce flutter of taconeo, his heels and toes hardly seeming to move.
— The Village Voice
Antonio Hidalgo performs master moves with whiplash fury.
— Dallas Morning News