Company Auditions


The Latin Ballet of Virginia welcomes professional dancers, male and female, that are well versed in beginner to advanced levels of ballet, flamenco, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary & lyrical, to join their professional company this coming dance year. We tour all over the the United States, as well as, internationally, along with hosting master classes with some of most well-known international guest artists throughout our dance season. 

If you are interested please email your resume, headshot, and a brief biography to be considered to.

Guidelines for the LBV Professional Company and Faculty

LBV faculty is expected to follow the mission and philosophy of the Latin Ballet: to create and strengthen connections to Hispanic/Latin American cultures through innovative and immersive dance-inspired education and performances that affect positive and sustainable change in people’s lives. Faculty is expected to follow all guidelines of the educational program, Be Proud of Yourself, emphasizing and promoting self respect and confidence at all times.

  • The Artist shall notify the Company of any other employment or engagement in any non-company and schools dance-related performances, events or activities in writing to the Latin Ballet of Virginia Artistic Director and Board of Directors to avoid any conflict of schedule.
  • The Company shall provide the artist with costumes and accessories for dress rehearsals and performances with the Latin Ballet of Virginia. The Artist shall be responsible for payment for damage sustained by any costume provided by the Company, including that worn by a dancer other that the artist, which is caused by eating, drinking or smoking by the artist.
  • The Artist is expected to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to rehearsals or classes for which the Artist is the instructor or the assistant.
  • The Artist shall notify the Company at least 2 weeks in advance of any anticipated absence, which absence requires approval by the Company, except in the case of emergency. In cases of approved absences, the Artist is responsible for arrange substitutes for any class or performance.
  • The Artist shall notify the Company at least one hour before class or rehearsal in cases of illness or emergency. The Artist is expected to make a reasonable attempt to find a substitute for any classes.
  • The Company reserves the right to deduct from the Artist’s pay in cases of unexcused tardiness. If tardiness will occur for any reason, the Company must be notified. If no one can be reached using the designated contact methods, the Artist should call the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen (804-261-6200) and ask the person at the information desk to hand deliver a message to the Company.
  • No period of absence shall relieve the Artist from the obligation contained in this agreement upon the return or physical recovery and ability of the artist to perform.
  • All notices or other communications to the company shall be in writing to the artistic director of the Company by email or personally.
  • Classes must be structured, challenging and professional, while being enjoyable for the students. Instructors must track attendance and tardiness carefully to make sure that we have an accurate record of who is present both in class and in rehearsal. Instructors are required to begin and end all classes, rehearsals or other LBV activities on time.
  • Faculty is required to treat the students professionally with an emphasis on being leaders and role models for our students. The use of abusive or offensive language is strictly prohibited at the Latin Ballet (not only with students and parents but also with other teachers and directors).
  • Dancers or Faculty are not allowed to drink alcohol at any of our contracted events, services and classes.
  • The relationship between dancers, faculty, students and Junior Company members must be strictly professional. Faculty or dancers are not allowed to go to the house of the students unless invited by their parents or accompanied by their parents.