Without the Latin Ballet, I would have lost part of my identity; I would not even have been interested in speaking Spanish or in my own heritage. Now I can carry myself with confidence and love that I would not have without it.
-Former Student


One semester is 16 weeks long. Winter Semester will start on September 24th

Please make sure you register and pay the registration fee. This guarantees your spot in class.

Please review our Payment Policy and Procedure.

Please note that we are a non-profit organization and fees are required in order to pay our instructors, our studio space, and other resources needed for performances. Latin Ballet of Virginia prides itself on assisting with payments and offer affordable and competitive tuition prices. If you are paying by check, make your check is payable to the Latin Ballet of Virginia. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Each family PLEASE pay the registration fee! 

We do ask ALL students to fill out a new registration form each year. Please use the link below to fill out a new form for each student.

Unlimited Classes include any class at any time with Latin Ballet. Tuition can be paid in monthly increments. To get the fullest out of Latin Ballet it is highly encouraged and most cost-effective to register for Unlimited classes.

Class Description

  • Spanish Ballet: Traditional classical Spanish Ballet based on “Escuela Bolera” technique from Andalucia, Spain. (Ballet clothes and shoes)
  • Ballet-Flamenco: Introducing classical ballet, dance and Spanish dance techniques to little “Bailarines” developing coordination, musicality and self-expression. All directions and commands are in Spanish Language.
  • Flamenco:  Classical and character Spanish dance form including body posture technique, musicality, and history. Learn the different palos (rhythm) of flamenco incorporating arm and hand movement known as braceo,  zapateado (footwork)  technique and palmas (hand clapping). Directions and commands are taught in Spanish language.   (Flamenco or character shoes, wide skirt).
  • Classical (Latin) Ballet: Ballet technique including barre, alignment and performance skills. Pointe training and technique is offered for dancers with advanced level of technique. (ballet clothes and shoes)
  • Hip Hop: High-energy street dance and technique, moving rapidly to advance skills. Great dance workout! (exercise clothes and sneakers)
  • Salsa/Latin Dance: Authentic social Latin and Caribbean dances focusing on Cuban Salsa style, including Rueda de Casino technique and Bachata, traditional dance form from the Dominican Republic. Great workout for the entire family (Exercise Clothes, character or jazz shoes)
  • Modern/Contemporary: Explore various modern and contemporary techniques including suspension and release, fall and recovery, expression, the use of momentum and connecting breath. (Ballet shoes or bare feet and exercise/dance clothes)
  • Contemporary Jazz/Ballet: Modern and contemporary dance forms, Technical components of ballet with freedom and fluidity of jazz, including lyrical. (Ballet shoes or bare feet and exercise/dance clothes)
  • African-Cuban Dance: Experience African-Caribbean dances such as the Orisha traditions (the seven powers of Africa --Elegguá, Ogún, Oshún, Yemayá, Chango, Obatala, Babalu Aye). This class includes Rumba, Mambo, and Salsa, all based on African-Cuban roots and traditions.
  • Baton: Introductory class for all levels of dance. Learn baton terminology and basic twirl skills while developing hand-eye coordination and wrist flexibility.  Basic dance moves are introduced with emphasis on proper form and hand placement.  Students will also learn basic twirl combinations as well as parade routines.

Here are the key dates for the 2018/19 Season

  • 1st Semester starts on September 24th
  • No classes during Thanksgiving week: November 19-22nd
  • 2nd Semester classes begin February 4th!
  • Spring Break will be April 1 - 5th
  • March 25-28 - Production Break (No classes during tech week of Pasion de Poe)
  • March 28-30 "Pasion de Poe” production by the professional and junior company
  • May 31 - 2nd Final presentation by The students and faculty of the Latin Ballet with the production of "Amy’s Travels"