Adelle Barrow

Dancer / Camp Coordinator

Adelle is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned a degree in African American History, with a minor concentration in Dance and Choreography. She grew up in a myriad of places including Idaho, Barbados and Williamsburg, VA which gives her a uniquely diverse background. She has been teaching dance in the Richmond and Chesterfield area for over 13 years. Adelle has worked with and performed with artists such as Coyote Run, Cathy Davalos, Antonio Hidalgo Paz, Francisco Mesa "El Nano", and Frances Wessells. She also runs Mixed Karma Productions, a nationwide online music editing service in Richmond, VA. Between teaching, editing music and performing, she is raising her 2 children, Miles and Vivienne. Adelle was a member of the professional company for 6 consecutive years and is coming back to the Latín Ballet as a faculty member and professional dancer this season 2019. Dance and music are her passion, and sharing her life's experiences through movement with the world is worthy of her life's mission.