CatherineMarie Devalos

Choreographer / guest artist

CatherineMarie is a Chicana choreographer. Her work emerges from her Mexican voice and the constant rediscovery of identity. Davalos makes dances that question heteronormativity using a feminist, Latina, and Chicana perspective. She utilizes a movement style that is rooted in breath and momentum. Her dances are often multilayered interweaving theatre with pure movement, humor with satire, and a political issues with sexuality. Her passion is to cross many borders and delve into the coalescence and contradictions of being a Chicana and what she calls "a Mexican American Princess."

Growing up in Southern California with brown skin makes you both invisible and the target.

Even though the themes of identity, racism and/or sexuality are often present in her dances, Davalos creates dances that have to never had an audition for her company. She prefers to seek people who are like-minded and have an interest in the same aesthetic arena. She is interested in diversity rather than uniformity. Her company consists of all shapes and sizes, races, and sexual preferences. These people inform her work. Davalos continues to serve the Latino community by making dances that speak from a different voice and move through a different lens. The Davalos Dance Company has offered free performances at the Long Beach Museum of Art and Saint Mary’s College, free master classes in dance at the Vision Series held in San Francisco each year, volunteered to teach children’s movement, modern dance, and provide choreography for performances at Crestmont School and the Oakland School for the Arts. The Davalos Dance Company has been presented at various venues since its inception in 1994 including ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA; Highways, Santa Monica, CA; Centrum, Port Townsend, WA; and the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, St. Paul, MN. Ms. Davalos received an MFA in Dance from CSU, Long Beach, where she was honored with the title “Most Outstanding Graduate for the College of the Arts.”